Black Friday – Dark Reading #Kindle #KindleBargain — Richard M. Ankers

My publisher, Creativia, have a Limited Offer on The Eternals Book 1. For all those who would like to read it from Nov 25th – Dec 1st the book is on a kindle £0.99/$0.99 deal. This ties in excellently with the release of book two, Hunter Hunted. And as seen as I’m on my own […]

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Quilt me with your authenticity

Inspire me with your positive energy

Allow your light to shine through me

With all that you are

Systems, Error, and Decisions

Another thought-provoking piece by my friend, Richard. If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, I hope you’ll stop by for a worthwhile visit.



I love John Maxwell’s definition of a system: “A system is a process for predictably achieving a goal based on specific, orderly, repeatable principles and practices.” I would make a simple change and state that a system “is a process or set of processes,” which better implies the possible complexity of a system. At a high level, a process involves inputs, resources, interrelated procedures, decisions, and outputs. Depending on the process, inputs can be objects such as raw materials and components or more abstract such as data and information. Ideally, inputs are well defined and clear. Inputs initiate some type of action to be taken. These actions involve tasks, practices, or procedures that require resources such as people, time, machines, etc. where decisions are made that analyze the inputs and transform them into something new. The goal is to acquire an outcome from all of this energy. The outcome or output may…

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A poetry reading

I have missed all you beautiful, wingless, earthly angels, with incredible feathers that I can see with my heart. Huge hugs.

Busy Mind Thinking

A re-release while I catch up.

voice will you sing to me

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Is Striving for Balance a Constant Struggle? — Richard

I wanted to introduce you to an amazing friend of mine. Richard, though he doesn’t post often, certainly writes with intellect, insight, and inspiration, when he does post. I hope you’ll lend him some support while I catch up with you all.

When I think of balance, I imagine optimum situations like “evenly distributed” or “steady” although sometimes it’s about keeping myself from falling down. In any case, trying to find and maintain balance can feel like a struggle. It requires constant mindfulness of internal shifts and external forces so that we may counteract them in some way to continuously maintain […]

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Sky & Quote


May the love that is catalyst

To the storm in your soul

Also be its calm




Some of my thoughts…

With hopes this world would offer me SOMEthing, I gave it my EVERYthing. Reciprocity works!

Wants and needs seldom coincide, unless you choose to simply WANT for your NEEDS to be met.

At the intersection of lost and found is where many foundations have their beginnings.

If something matters to you, it will never be trivial to me.

Huge smiles and hugs, all.

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