Helping Your Child Understand and Overcome Shyness

Many children struggle with shyness. While this is generally not a bad thing, it is better to help young children overcome this. Shyness can hinder them to fully enjoy the experiences of growing up. One way to do this is by seeking the help of a student care program. 

It is best to start them as early as primary school because this is not an overnight success. This will be a work in progress as they grow older. To help your child transition from being an introvert to an extrovert, there are primary school student care programs that cater to this through experiential learning and classes that will push them out of their comfort zones. 

Here are other strategies on how to help your child understand and overcome shyness. 

Discover the Strengths 

Shyness stems out from the lack of self-confidence. Children feel that they are not good at anything. So, help your child discover his or her talents. Each one of us has been blessed with gifts and talents and all it takes is patience. 

Take time to sit down and talk about your child’s wants. You can also do this by observation. Look at the areas or activities in school that he excels. When you have figured out all of this, help your child nurture that passion and watch him grow out his shell slowly but surely. 

Encourage Interaction with Others 

When you’re at a party and your child is too shy to talk to other children, help him or her out with an introduction. If you feel that your child should have more playmates rather than spending time alone, invite some of his cousins or friends over.  

Create a situation where your child has the motivation to interact with other kids. This way, the child won’t be too pressured to talk and won’t feel shy at all.  

Empathize Not Sympathize  

By its very definition, empathy is being able to understand and share the feelings of others. Do not sympathize as there is a clear distinction between the two concepts. If you sympathize, this will make your child feel even more ashamed and shy all the time because he will believe that there is no changing the situation. 

However, empathizing give your child a more positive outlook and will feel more motivated to go beyond the comfort zone. Doing small things such as encouraging achievements, validating what a wonderful human being he or she is or just by constantly showing love and support.  

Be a Role Model

Children learn from adults and this includes adapting behaviour and mannerisms. Show your child that there is no reason to be shy at all. You can exhibit behaviors such as saying hi to strangers, offering help to those who need it and just keeping a relaxed attitude towards social situations and interactions.  

It does not have to be a very big deal. Make your children understand that sometimes shyness is just all in our head and once we get that out of the way, we will feel so much better.


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